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LaTraveette "Travee" Smith



“I believe the one of the greatest things we can do on this earth is make an impact on those around us, no matter how great or small. As a woman of color, I understand the need for us to encourage, uplift, and guide the next generation of black and brown young women in navigating the spaces we have already been involved in. Serving with Imara Roose will allow me to share my story while exercising my passion of connecting with young women and making them feel like they belong.”


La Traveette “Travee” Smith is a healthcare professional with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Towson University and currently pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Chamberlain University. She previously worked in the public health sector, serving individuals with mental health diagnoses and conducting research related to drug abuse in minority communities. Using her academic background and professional experiences, Travee hopes to change the stigma around mental and physical health and wellness for communities of color. 


Travee is a Prince George’s County native raised by traditional southern parents who are the most dedicated and hard-working people she knows. They taught her the importance of service, excellence, and education and she has continued to build upon and embody those values throughout different areas of her life. In her spare time, Travee enjoys health and wellness activities including yoga and long walks and she never misses a self-care Sunday—complete with skin care, listening to music, and meditation. She is excited to apply these values and interests to her work with Imara Roose—positively impacting  the lives of young women of color.

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