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Spring semester has officially kicked off and we’re back to our regularly scheduled programing! Dynamic Duo, was our first icebreaker...mentors and mentees got to know one another and welcomed our new members. Mentee, Nia, stated, “it gave me a chance to really see the fun side of the everyone because sometimes our meetings are more serious.” In addition to activities, this month was filled with in depth, heartfelt, and cheerful conversations. One interesting topic of discussion was our Know Your Worth: Impact of Media and Social Media. We discussed bullying, beauty, and colorism. Mentee, Rashona, learned the power of sharing her voice, “bullying is no laughing matter, when you see someone being picked on, you should stand up and say something.”


During our Post College: Life After College workshop, we had a fluid dialogue about post-baccalaureate programs, professional degree programs, and the transition from school to the professional world. Mentee, Sydney, learned, “college will be tough, but I should always strive to do my best and make sure I get the full experience so I’m prepared to accomplish my goals after graduation.” Our Graduate School panel was the perfect follow up to this workshop. Thank you to Naira (MBA), Sheniqua (PhD), Stephanie (dental), Tolu (med), and our Executive Director Halima (JD/MPA), for joining us for a candid and insightful conversation. For Nana, this panel served as a needed reality check, "I learned the reality about how things will change after college...each of the panelists gave great advice on how to go about life, the job search...I found it very helpful!”


We had the opportunity to volunteer again with A Wider Circle, helping sort donations for those in need. Mentee, Princess, stated, “today was a great experience and I learned that helping others would benefit me and everyone also knowing this world has people still in poverty.”


This month our mentees and mentors bonded during our annual sleepover. Our event filled night included thoughtful conversations, lots of fun activities, movies, and good food. We’d like to send a huge thank you to Ms. Carswell, Nyumburu Cultural Center, for hosting us. For our mentee Caroline, “the sleepover was really fun, everyone made it easy to talk and open up...I learned that everyone goes through tough times but you always get through them.”


Our mentees shared thier words of wisdom during our Be Positive activity. In small groups, the girls shared a story of a negative experience and spun this into something positive. Mentee, Aminata stated, “by taking something negative that happened to me and thinking of a positive, it helped me understand that I can learn from every event in my life."


Our mentors had a great time bonding, eating, and laughing at Buffalo Wild Wings. UMD mentor, Lindsey stated, “the activity gave us a chance to get to know each other on a different getting closer outside of mentoring we are able to better help the girls who participate in the program.” Click here to learn more about the extraordinary ladies who devote their time to mentor and make an impact on the young ladies of Eleanor Roosevelt High School.


Our lovely mentors continue to provide one-on-one support and guidance to our mentees during their monthly Big x Little bonding activities! Here are a few highlights...

Brandi and Princess got their nails done.


Sonvoia took Samantha to her first college basketball game where she met Mr. & Ms. Bowie State University.

Modupe and Aminata chatted over lunch.

Denisha and Kadija enjoyed dinner and conversation at TGI Fridays.



Our old school hip hop benefit concert will certainly be one you don’t want to miss! Stay tuned for details regarding ticket sales and all the fun things we have planned! We’re still looking for volunteers...photographers, videographers, and a Prince George’s County police officer! Spread the word and support a great cause, all proceeds will benefit the students who participate in our program. Click here.


Support us at Panda Express! On March 28th, we’ll be at UMD’s Stamp Student Union, 12:00PM-5:00PM. Just show the flyer below to the cashier and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to our organization. If you’re unable to attend, consider making a donation, click here.


Are you in D.C.? Meet us at the Howard University Chipotle! 2301 Georgia Ave. NW, Washington, DC, March 28th, 4PM-8PM! Hangout with our amazing HU team while supporting a great cause. Remember to show the cashier the flyer before making your purchase. Can’t make it? Consider making a donation, click here.


Join us at Chick-fil-a! On March 28th we’ll be at 10631 Martin Luther King Jr. Hwy, Bowie, MD, 5:00PM-8:00PM. Just show the flyer below to the cashier and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to our organization. If you’re unable to attend, consider making a donation, click here.


Help Imara Roose expand and make a greater impact on our students and community. Consider getting involved in one or more ways, click the links below.


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