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With application deadlines approaching, and decisions coming in, we’re keeping our students ahead of the curve through our College Bound workshops! This month, during our Freshman Success panel, first year advisors (Charles Prince, Kaye Guidulgi, LaToya Walters, and Veronica Alfred) spoke about making it through the first year of college successfully.

College Bound has created a sense of assurance for many girls who now feel they are much more prepared for college. Taylor Johnson, 9th grade, proclaimed “college bound gave us insight on college life and requirements to make it into college. Each college (representative) let us know their requirements and best way to get in...It was very useful information.” Aminata, 11th grade, stated “College Bound has really opened my eyes up to the whole college process. I thought that when the time came I would be so lost but now I’m confident I’m going to get through it.”


This month, we had the opportunity to volunteer with A Wider Circle, helping sort donations for those in need. One of our mentees Nana Kessie stated, “I liked the experience and I liked the fact that those in need could come in and take what they needed.” Zainab, 11th grade, loved the positive atmosphere that surrounded her and enjoyed giving a helping hand—”I felt happy volunteering with A Wider Circle because they help out any and everybody!”


We would like to thank everyone who came out and supported our chipotle fundraisers! Stay tuned for details regarding our first fundraiser of spring semester.


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Happy Holidays, from the ladies of Imara Roose Inc.!


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