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APRIL 2016


In our most recent series of Mentor Monday meetings, we discussed the value and importance of leadership and teamwork. The mentors and mentees translated what they learned into planning for our Old School Hip Hop Benefit Concert...which was a huge success! Mentee, Hersona, stated "the behind the scenes work really opened my eyes to how much planning goes into preparing for such an event, but working together as team made it a success.” Similarly, Princess, realized that “without working together, it would not have been such a wonderful event that made people want to come again next year...teamwork really pays off.” We’d be remiss if we didn’t send give our mentee, Sydney, another HUGE thank you for taking the lead in coordinating, designing, and painting our beautiful banners. For her, “the experience was very exciting.” Sydney had “never done something this major...and was proud with how it turned out.” She also “learned the importance of patience and staying organized.”


We had a number of brilliant attorneys speak to us about Careers in the Law, sharing insightful words of wisdom. Joan learned about the wide range of career paths within the legal field, but more generally, she realized that she’s “better prepared for college in the fall...and will focus on improving [her] writing and speaking skills, two major keys to success no matter what career field you’re in." Estefania realized that “it’s okay to make mistakes, but make sure you pursue a career that allows you to do something you love.”


Our Own Your Own panel, featuring a local salon owner, was Kayatou’s "absolute favorite” of the school year… ”as an aspiring business owner/entrepreneur, (she) really enjoyed learning about how to start a business” and left feeling “inspired." Nia echoes these sentiments, but also realized "how important it is to have a supportive team behind you to help push (me) towards reaching (my) goals."



THANK YOU to Krystal Leaphart (IMPACT), Cherise Rhyns (Howard University), Voda Orders (D.C. Department of Housing and Community Development) for speaking to our students about their Careers in Public Service. After the meeting, Nana felt “encouraged.” She also learned that “the public sector is a means to make an impact in your own unique way, and be yourself while doing it.” Although Zinab intends to pursue a career in the medical field, she still found the panel to be "very informative." She noted that “it’s okay to change my major if I realize I want to go another route.”


Our Arts and Communications panel featured Caitlin McGrath (Greenbelt Theatre), Mikki Taylor (Howard University), and Shadawn Reddick (Capitol Hill). Britney realized the importance of “finding a balance between working towards your goals and having fun.” The panel also left our mentees feeling empowered, "don’t let anyone tell you what your passion is, allow yourself to grow and figure it out for yourself, but be ready to overcome obstacles you may face,” Joy stated following the meeting.




We recently volunteered at HeartFields Assisted Living of Bowie. For Caroline, the “experience was not just fun but it also taught [her] that the smallest things in life can make you smile...we sang songs, played a serious game of bingo, and talked about the difference between their generation and the time we left they were smiling and told us that we made their day.” Brittany "learned that you should enjoy life no matter how old you get and appreciate each day you are still breathing because tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone.”


There’s no better way for a mentee and mentor to strengthen their bond as sisters, than by meeting one-on-one. Here’s a recap of some of our recent big-little activities.

Hersona and Porchia enjoyed time together at PetSmart.

Princess and Brandi went shopping for makeup and took a tour of UMD.

Lexi and Morgan went go-kart racing and out for ice cream.

Samantha and Sonovia met for lunch and girl talk.


We’re sending another HUGE thank you to everyone that contributed, from our volunteers who made the show such a great success, to those who attended or donated. Adaeze described the event as “a showcase of different talents...poets, singers, step teams...the DJ was great and the games that the host played with the audience were too! It was a good time for a great cause...supporting us so we can continue to grow as a program.” Mentee, Juanita, felt that “the Benefit Concert was great! Even better than last year and [she] got to meet and take photos with the performers.” After speaking with the attendees, it was clear to Lexi that “the show was a success, everyone had fun and the old school hip hop theme made it even better.”

Photos by ActivShooter Photography and PK Pro Photography.

Check our hashtags on Instagram, #IRBC16 and #iSupportImaraRoose, for more pictures from the event!


As our school year has come to an end, we’d like to send a huge THANK YOU to those who contributed to our success. Continue to help Imara Roose expand and make a greater impact on our students and community. Consider getting involved in one or more ways, click the links below.

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