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Nikita "Niki" Patil



"As an immigrant and first generation American, my personal beliefs resonate with Imara Roose’s mission. I strongly value my mentors and teachers, who have been instrumental in making me the woman I am today. Their stories and personal experiences motivated me to pursue my educational and social commitments, helping me discover my strengths and passions. By contributing Imara Roose, I will get the chance to continue this chain of inspiration and make a difference."

Nikita “Niki” Patil is an innovative and adaptable leader who is passionate about integrating STEM fields and business in dynamic work environments. She aims to solve problems in a creative and collaborative manner through the use of strong organizational, analytical, and futuristic skills. Her unique roots in engineering and healthcare have merged into an ingenuity for exploration and adaptability. Along with her B.S. in Biological Engineering, Nikita also pursued a Certification in Entrepreneurship and Innovation through the Office of Provost at Purdue. She took the opportunity to complete an international internship in Seoul, South Korea, working for Chong Kun Dang Pharmaceuticals. With this global experience, she not only expanded her business acumen but also integrated herself into a new culture professionally and socially. In South Korea, Nikita was exposed to top management and leadership from several regional companies and their approach towards business strategy, marketing, and communications.

In 2018, Nikita was recognized as the AstraZeneca Rising Star Corporate Intern for her contribution to global manufacturing science, site-specific operations, and new product integration. Currently, she is in the Operations Global Graduate Program at AstraZeneca working full-time with the opportunity to rotate across various roles and sites globally. With her acquired experience in Continuous Improvement, Lean, and Project Management in the pharmaceutical industry, her aim is to explore new ways in which she will be able to empower young women to prioritize their education, self-confidence, and physical/mental wellbeing.

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