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Adwoa Osei



"I came across Imara Roose at a time when I was looking for a service opportunity. The fact that it is centered around young women of color is what really touched my heart. As a young black woman, community is so important and that comes in so many forms. So whether that be from my peers, or in the form of a mentee/mentor relationship, it can be life changing. That is my driving force behind my desire to be involved with Imara Roose—this is an opportunity to lift up young women of color in my community."

Adwoa Osei was born in Washington, D.C. to Ghanaian parents and raised in Prince George’s County. She attended Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee where she majored in Political Science. While at Lipscomb, Adwoa was very involved in the incoming student’s transition as a member of the admissions team and as an orientation leader. During this time she was able to equip students with the tools they needed to navigate their social and environmental changes. 


After leaving Lipscomb, and returning to the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, Adwoa stayed in the realm of higher education with positions at The Catholic University of America and The Chronicle of Higher Education. She is currently an Experience Coordinator at UMBC Training Centers.


While being involved in higher education, Adwoa began to develop a passion for events through assisting  the planning of academic panels and trips for close friends. In 2019 she decided to lean into that passion and joined Infatuating Affairs—as an event associate she has had the opportunity to plan weddings, engagements, photoshoots and work with many different vendors in the event planning industry.

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